Summer Series Details

Over the summer the club will be running a series of GP type events. Details of the events are below:

1, What are the dates and times of the events?

On the day of the event doors will open at the following times:

  • Round 1- 22nd June 12.30 with racing starting at 14.00
  • Round 2- 27th July 12.30 with racing starting by 14.00
  • Round 3 – 17th August 12.30with racing starting at 14.00

2, How to I enter?

For racers that want to enter the series they should complete the entry form on the website once it goes live. Entry for the events will open at 20.00 on April 29th.

A link to the Entry form can be found HERE

All competitors must have a valid BRCA license. Membership status will be checked prior to each event.

There is a limit of 50 entries for each event. The entries will be allocated in the order that they are received via the website entry form.

Should there be more than 50 entries for an event then a reserve list will be started. Drivers will appear on the reserve list in the order that their entry is received.

The competitor entry status for will be uploaded to the clubs website and updated regularly to show the status of all entries. A link to the entry status can be found HERE.

Booking in will close for each round two weeks before the event. For reference, booking in for each round will close on the following dates:

  • Round 1- 8th June
  • Round 2- 13th July
  • Round 3- 3rd August

After booking in closes drivers who have a provisional entry that have not paid will be removed from the entry list and their space offered to drivers on the reserve list.

What Classes are being raced?

The following classes will be run during each round:

  • LMP12 13.5 blinky;
  • LMP12 Worlds Invitational Modified*;
  • GT12;
  • GT10;

For a class to run we need at least 5 entries so that marshalling duties etc can be covered.

*- The LMP12 modified class is intended for racers that will be participating in next years World Championships so that they can get some track time running to the appropriate motor rules. We will likely only be able to accommodate one heat for this class to keep the meeting running to a decent timetable.  Due to the immense speed of these cars to keep racing clean as possible and control driver ability within the heat this class will be an invitational class only. If you wish to be considered to race modified please select the appropriate class in the entry form. Details of the class will be released following the section AGM. By booking in you will have a space reserved in the LMP12 13.5 class if you are not selected to run modified.

4, How many people can race?
To prevent over-crowding in the hall the entry will be limited to 50 in total.

Entries will be taken in the order they are received.  Should the number of applications exceed the available spaces a reserve list will be started.

5, What is the event format?

For each event we will aim to run a controlled practice in heat order, four rounds of FTQ qualifying and a single leg final. For rounds one three we will incorporate a short food break after qualifying.

6, How much will it cost/ How do I pay?

Entry costs £10 for your first class. Second classes cost £7.

If your application is successful then you will be sent a Paypal invoice to pay the entry fee and confirm your entry.


If applicable, initially the invoice will be for your first class (£10). I will process second class entries after booking in closes to see what we can accommodate.

Please note that sending random Paypal payments along with your application email will not mean that you are booked in!

Where possible we will accommodate a second class if requested. Please note that it is the responsibility of the drivers to ensure ALL marshalling duties are fulfilled during qualifying and finals.

7, How do I cancel my entry?

If you decide to cancel your entry this should be communicated by sending an email to the clubs email address. Other means of communication will not be accepted.

If you cancel your entry before the closing date of that round (see section 2) any racing fees will be returned via Paypal transfer.

If you cancel your entry after the closing date of that round NO refunds will be given. This is to ensure that the event remains financially viable should a number of drivers cancel their entry at the last minute.

After the event closing date payment may not be transferred to a following event.

If you cancel your entry you will be removed from the entry list for that round. If you then decide to re-enter that round you will be added to the bottom of the entry list/ reserve list.

If you decide to swap class this will not mean your entry is cancelled. This can be done up until booking in closes.

You cannot transfer your entry to a friend.