COVID-19 Precautions

Prior to meeting
• Drivers to book in online via club website and pay in advance using PayPal.
• As part of entry form drivers to tick box to say they will not attend if showing COVID symptoms or are required to self-isolate in line with Government  guidelines.
• As part of the online entry form drivers will be required to provide track and trace information (BRCA number and contact phone number).
• Wearing of gloves when setting up/ packing away is advised.
• Drivers to provide own tables and chairs.
• Pitting to be arranged to prevent face to face seating.

During the Meeting
• Before entering the venue, all racers will apply hand sanitiser.
• Racers will be required to take all rubbish home.
• Drivers to ensure that all equipment they bring into the hall is stored in their allocated pit area.
• Drivers are not to share tools and equipment during the meeting.
• External doors to hall to remain open if possible, to increase air flow.
• Drivers to provide their own PPE – Tough gloves, hand sanitiser (70% alcohol minimum), Hi-Vis vest jacket, and face mask. 

  • When in the venue the wearing of face masks is advised but not compulsory.
  • 1-way system will be used to get onto and leave the rostrum.

• Results to be displayed online using RC-timing live feature.
• Hand sanitiser to be applied when leaving and returning to pit space.

Updated : 16/03/22