Information about our club

Tamworth Model Car Club has been based at the Wilnecote High School in Tamworth for over ten years.

The Club is currently run by Richard Norris (Chairman) and Matt Lax (Treasurer) with the much appreciated help of our regular racers!

We race most electric classes, including but not limited to GT12, LMP12, Touring cars, Formula 1, GT10 and Frontie.

Over the years the club has hosted many National level events and has gained a reputation for its professional, high standards.

As well as our larger events we run regular, more relaxed club events on Saturday evenings. Check out our race calendar for future race dates. Our aim is to replicate the high standards we set for larger events but maintain a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

If it’s your first time visiting the club don’t hesitate to introduce yourself – all are welcome, no matter what age or level of experience! We are always on hand to assist with any issues or questions you may have.

We are lucky enough to have a great venue that allows us to layout a large 30m x 12m track for every club night. Track layouts are prepared in advance to ensure they are varied and fun to drive.

Now the Club had adventured in YouTube. With all finals at club meetings being able to watched shortly after the meeting. With our bigger events such as 12th National, GT12 national and our famous Schumacher GT12 CUP all being live streamed via the clubs YouTube channel. So Search TRRAC or click here to be directed to the channel.

Join our Facebook page to see the layout for the next club night and keep up to date with news and up and coming events (search T.R.R.A.C in Facebook).

We run on Landau felt carpet that was purchased in the in April 2022(this year) and race meetings are controlled and timed using RC-timing software to ensure a great experience for all who attend!